Produzione di Getti in Ghisa Sferoidale e Lamellare a Parona (Pavia) - Fonderia Vigevanese S.p.a.


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Installations & services:


Fonderia Vigevanese carries out quality inspections on all the castings which are manufactured.

The Quality Control Department, made up of 5 technicians qualified according to EN 9712 (Ex EN 473) level 2 in non-destructive methods UT-VT-MT-PT-XT, can carry out, if it is required, the following inspections:

  • ultrasonic test
  • magnetic particles
  • dye penetrant check
  • visual inspection/paint inspection
  • micrography and microstructural check
  • chemical analysis
  • hardness
  • tensile strenght
  • yield stress
  • alongation

The results of these inspections (destructive and non-destructive) are given to the customer in a certificate according to the standard EN 10204.


tel. & fax: (+39) 0384.253130 - (+39) 0384.253247

address: Strada Marziana 16 - 27020 Parona (PV) Italy