Produzione di Getti in Ghisa Sferoidale e Lamellare a Parona (Pavia) - Fonderia Vigevanese S.p.a.


(+39) 0384.253130

Installations & services:


Fonderia Vigevanese is equipped with a finishing department for the following operations:

  • Sand blasting and fettling: Fonderia Vigevanese can guarantee the sand blasting for all the produced castings thanks to three sand-blasting machines.
  • Painting: our painting department is located in a building completely separated from the rest of the foundry in order to  guarantee perfect cleaning and a painting process which fulfils the requirements of our customers. This department is equipped with a drying oven, a painting cabin and an umidity/temperature control plant.


tel. & fax: (+39) 0384.253130 - (+39) 0384.253247

address: Strada Marziana 16 - 27020 Parona (PV) Italy