Produzione di Getti in Ghisa Sferoidale e Lamellare a Parona (Pavia) - Fonderia Vigevanese S.p.a.


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Fonderia Vigevanese

manufacture of iron castings

Fonderia Vigevanese S.p.A. was founded in 1960 by Antonio Trabucchi.
With a staff of 100 employees, the company extends on a surface of 80.000 square meters, 24.000 of them covered.
The production is carried out in three hand-moulding departments, where we manufacture castings in lamellar and nodular cast iron with a weight from a minimum of 1.500 Kg to a maximum of 50.000 Kg.

Fonderia Vigevanese is equipped with 3 furnaces for an annual production capacity of 25.000 tons.
The whole production cycle, from pouring system design to the finishing of the piece, is carried out inside our facilities in order to assure an efficient control level of our products in all the steps of the manufacturing process.

Fonderia Vigevanese’s production focuses on castings for mechanics industry, particularly in the following domains:

  • Energy: wind, gas, water
  • Housings/gear boxes for various industrial applications
  • Presses
  • Machine tools